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Buy Gaming Monitors Online at Best Price in India

Wish to purchase your very own gaming monitor but can't figure out where to start? You can spend all day and night, hours and hours surfing and researching for the right gaming monitor but eventually end up with tons of arguments on different features and brands.

To use the latest games, you will need a gaming PC, a powerful graphics card and CPU and a proper gaming monitor that you can take full advantage of.

Best Gaming Monitor Features To Look Out For.

If you're a newbie or a top-level gamer, you will be faced with navigating many options available. But what are the different features you will need to monitor? Let us help you with understanding certain features to look out for while choosing your very own gaming monitor.

1. The Right Gaming Monitor Size Matter

It all depends on how far you will be sitting from your monitor and which resolution you will want. If you like sitting farther away from your monitor, you will want to get a larger one so you can see every single detail.

Smaller monitors have the advantage of fitting more games without having to move your eyes, while larger monitors can allow you to see more details as mentioned above, they feel you are immersed in the entire environment.

2. Gaming Resolution

What is the amount of details you would want to be displayed? These types of detail in games can include various textures, user interface elements and text quality included. This very amount of detail included in terms of the resolution comprises a bigger screen that allows you to see it at a comfortable pace.

3. Different Panel Types

The display panels in the gaming monitors can use different technologies. A few common LCD panel types include VA, TN and IPS.  These panels represent the image and are the core part of your screen.

4. Response Time For Gaming Monitor

This determines how well the monitor can handle motion. Gaming monitors usually have a response time of 1 to 6 ms. If your monitor has a higher response time, you will notice more ghosting, which looks like the colours are blurring together whenever there is quick movement on the screen.

The Best Gaming Monitor To Choose From

1. ASUS TUF Gaming (27-inch)

- Quick refresh rates that reduce motion blur and make animations Swiffer

- The IPS Panel provides great quality picture quality

- 1 ms response time that blocks ghosting during quick movements

- 27 inch

- 1440p

- 165 Hz

- HDR10

2. ASUS ProArt PA278QV

- Factory calibrated and colour accurate

- 100% sRBG and 100% Rec. 709 colour Grant

- The IPS panel provides great picture quality

- Portrait orientation & VESA mounting support

- 27 inch

- 1440p

- 75Hz

- 5 ms

- Rotatable

3. LG C1 OLED (48-83 Inch)

- Extreme contrast ratio capable of producing pitch-black scenes without blooming suffers

- Supports very low input lag and variable refresh rate.

- 48-83 inch

- 2160p (4K)

- 120 Hz


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