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Liebherr 265 litres 3 Star Double Door Refrigerator, Blue Landscape TCb 2640
Key Features
  • Height adjustable feet, automatic defrosting
  • Stabiliser free operation, door open alarm
  • Vegetable drawer with humidity slider
  • Moon cut toughened glass shelves
Finance Schemes  Terms & Condition
    No finance schemes available for this product
  • Warranty: 1 Year manufacturer warranty
  • Deal Price: ₹29,490
  • Offer Price: ₹30990
  • MRP: 34350 (Inclusive of all taxes)
  • You Save: 14%(₹4,860)
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  • Description
  • Specifications
You’re looking at the Liebherr TCb 2640 double door refrigerator. Measuring 73.2 cm in depth, 60.6 cm in width and 150 cm in height, this 265-litre refrigerator is suitable for a family of 3 to 4 members, and can be placed in the kitchen or dining area. The refrigerator consists of a freezer compartment on the top and a fridge compartment below. The freezer section in this refrigerator offers ample space to store items like; ice-cream, frozen yoghurt etc. The twist Ice cube tray lets you conveniently fill water as well as dispense ice cubes with ease. The fridge compartment comes with an adjustable moon cut toughened glass shelves that can hold up to 150 kg of weight. The egg tray in the fridge lets you store the eggs safely and prevent them from any damage. The Biocool vegetable drawer is divided into sections to offer ample space to store a sufficient quantity of fruits and vegetables in an organised manner. It also features a slider for humidity control, which allows you to adjust the humidity level to preserve the stored items for long. The Variosafe drawer offers a lot of depth and space to store delicate food items that you wish to keep separate like; cakes, pastries etc. There are also unique Spice Boxes that are specially crafted to store a variety of spices. They have easy-grip, airtight silicone locking seal, that maintains the freshness and minimise loss of aroma and, flavour. This refrigerator also has an elegant, easy to move temperature dial with the user-friendly features that ensure the refrigerator and freezer compartments are kept at correct temperatures. In case the door is left open, the door alarm alerts you to close it which, helps save energy as well as improve cooling efficiency. Its modern speed-controlled inverter compressors deliver performance along with optimum energy efficiency and minimum noise. The Advanced temperature sensor can detect temperature difference up to 1 degree Celsius, thereby maintaining the right temperature. This Liebherr refrigerator is designed with a central power cooling system that provides fast and uniform cooling in every corner of the refrigerator.

Central Power Cooling
Powered by accelerated air circulation, our uniquely designed central power cooling system provides fast and uniform cooling in all sections of the refrigerator.

NexGen Inverter Compressor
Our refrigerators have modern speed-controlled inverter compressors, delivering outstanding refrigeration performance along with optimum energy efficiency and minimum noise.

Moon Cut Toughened Glass Shelves
The unique moon cut design allows easy adjustment of shelves to different heights without having to take them out. Super-strong and stylish shelves made with excellent quality glass that can hold up to 150 kgs of weight.

European Hardline Design
When designing our refrigerator, we follow the classic principle “Design follows function”. Our timeless legacy, European HardLine design, with clear and minimalist lines, ensures that these appliances are a visual masterpiece in any kitchen or living environment.

LED Lighting
Even lighting , optimum illumination for better visibility. Maintenance free, compact and energy efficient: our long-lasting LEDs provide perfect illumination for the interior. And, on account of their low heat emission, fresh food is always safely stored.

3 star Rating
Our appliances fall into the highest efficiency classes. We aim to produce energy-saving appliances that do not compromise on quality or durability. Our entire double-door Frost-Free range features an Inverter Technology Compressor and achieves an impressive 3 star BEE energy rating. (As per BEE star rating table 2.2 , 2017-18)

Flexible And Twisty Ice Tray
With easy twist design for effortless collection of ice cubes in the store or carry container. The unit can also be adjusted sideways.

Vegetable Drawer With Humidity Slider
This compartment is specially designed for storing various vegetables & food items. It also features a slider for humidity control, allowing multiple-step humidity adjustment so you can preserve your food for longer

Premium Door Finish
Liebherr has been working with various finishes to give products a trendy and premium look. This new finish is specially developed to minimise fingerprint marks.

Adjustable Shelves
Store bottles and daily essentials conveniently. The refrigerator door racks can be adjusted in height to suit what you are storing.

Stabiliser Free Operation
Peace of mind. Protection against minor voltage fluctuations without using an external stabiliser.

Egg Trays
The design of this egg tray makes it suitable for the safe storage of delicate eggs. To extend their shelf life, we recommend that you store eggs with their pointed end down.

Door Open Alarm
If you forget to close the door, or don't close it properly, the alarm will sound to let you know. To protect the food, the door alarm alerts you if the door has been opened. This helps to save energy as well as improve the cooling efficiency of your refrigerator.

Extra-Large Shelves
These extra-large and practical bottle shelves provide easy, convenient storage of bottles and various sized items. They can also be split into two compartments, creating even more flexibility.

Precise Temperature Sensors
Advanced temperature sensors in our product can detect temperature differences of up to 1 degree, therefore helping maintain the right temperature throughout the refrigerator and allowing superior food preservation.

Adjustable Feets
The feets on Liebherr refrigerators are height-adjustable, ensuring the appliance is level on most surfaces. This also reduces unwanted vibrations and noise and helps the product function at its best.

Low Voltage Startability
The refrigerator can function with minor voltage fluctuation as well. (As per the specified range, the cooling performance may not be at its best). Our next gen compressor works at a wider voltage range of 100V to 285V. Specified operating voltage range is tested under lab conditions at 25 degree C ambient temperature.

Spice Boxes
No more worrying about losing the aroma from your spices. Liebherr brings you a first-ever in the category. A unique innovation specially crafted for India - the Spice Box. With an easy-grip, air tight silicone locking seal, these boxes maintain freshness and minimise loss of aroma and, flavour and absorption by other food items.

Vegetable Sorting System
You can be sure leafy vegetables or fruit are kept apart with our intelligently designed vegetable drawer. The unique design of the sorting system offers flexible spaces and separate compartments for herbs and smaller veg.

Worried about your delicate pastries getting squashed? Or smaller packets and bottles playing hide ‘n’ seek with you? This drawer is tailored to storing small items such as pouches, delicate food items or the items that you wish to keep separate. Perfect for storing lots of small items tidily.

Cool Pack
The removable cool pack keeps the freezer section cool for longer if there's a power failure. It doubles up as a bottle holder and can be used as an outside freezer for cooling too.

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General Information
    Stabilizer Free Operation
    Refrigerator Capacity
    200 litres
    TCb 2640
    Total Capacity
    265 litres
    Refrigerator Type
    Frost Free
    Refrigerator Style
    Double Door Refrigerator
Refrigerator Operations
    Dairy Compartment
    Refrigerator - Interior Lamp
    Refrigerator Shelf Type
    Toughened Glass
    Vegetable & Fruit Drawer
Freezer Related
    BEE STAR Rating Disclaimer
    Ratings are valid for a specific duration of time and may undergo revisions from time to time.
    Freezer Capacity
    65 litres
    Freezer - Shelf Type
    Toughened Glass
    Freezer Style
    Top Freezer
Certificates & Ratings
    BEE STAR Rating
    3 Star
Power Details
    Power Supply
    220 - 240 V
    Power Consumption
    561 Watts
Physical Dimensions
    73.2 cms
    60.6 cms
    Outer Material
    150 cms
    57000 grams
    Blue Landscape
In The Box & Warranty
    1 Year
Manufacturing & Packing Information
    Commodity name
    Country of origin
    Name and address of Manufacturer
     Liebherr Appliances India Pvt. Ltd.  Liebherr Appliances India Private Limited, A1/6, Shendra MIDC, Aurangabad, 431154
    Name and address of Importer
     Liebherr Appliances India Pvt. Ltd.,  Liebherr Appliances India Private Limited, A1/6, Shendra MIDC, Aurangabad, 431154
    Name of Seller
    Reliance Retail Ltd.
    Net Quantity
    Month and year of commodity manufactured/packed/imported
    January' 2020