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LG AG-F310DP 3D Glasses for Gaming
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The LGs Dual Play technology enables you to play two games simultaneously on your television screen with the help of the LG AG-F310DP.AL glasses. These special glasses come in a pair and are light weight and do not require any battery. Each individual can view one of the two games in 2D while the other game is not visible. These glasses are ideal for 2 player games like Call of Duty Black Ops II. It is compatible with most current gaming devices.


Now two-player split screen gaming is on the full screen on the same TV with LG's Dual Play* technology. While wearing the special light-weight and battery-free glasses, each player is only able to see his unique point-of-view (in 2D) and across the entire TV screen without being able to see the opponent's. No more sharing the TV screen real-estate and no more cheating by peeking at each other's screens while you battle it out in 2-player games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Dual Play works with most current gaming systems or even older consoles as long as it is a split-screen game. Dual Play uses two pairs of special glasses F310DP sold separately in a bundle.


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