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HYGIA Air Sterilizer
Key Features
  • 24 Hours protection from 99.99% air borne diseases
  • 6 Months Refill
  • Intelligent change refill Indicator
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  • Warranty: 1 Year manufacturer warranty
  • Offer Price: ₹999
  • MRP: 1999 (Inclusive of all taxes)
  • You Save: 50%(₹1,000)
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HYGIA is India's 1st nanotech powered photocatalytic air sterilizer
A revolutionary new product that provides you 24 Hours protection from 99.99% air borne bacteria and virus.
Its patented and award winning technology has been scientifically validated by the Indian Medical Association.

How Does Hygia Protect You?
Hygia Air Sterilizer gives 24 hour protection from 99.99% air borne bacteria & virus, thus reducing the chances of being infected with harmful air borne diseases and is safe to use.

Children's Rooms
The air inside your home has 5X more bacteria and virus than the outside.
Children have lower immunity to diseases and need much more protection from exposure to bacteria and virus.
Hygia kills 99.99% of bacteria and virus in the environment, minimizing the risk of contracting an air borne disease.

The comfort of one's own bed, is a double-edged sword. Bed sheets, bedcovers and pillow covers harbor bacteria and virus which spread through the air causing diseases.
Hygia removes the threat of contracting these diseases by killing 99.99% of the air borne bacteria and virus in the air.

Living Spaces
After a long tiring day, unwinding in your living room is therapeutic. Yet, this is also the time when your immune system is working at its lowest efficiency, making you prone to contracting air borne diseases. Hygia eliminates 99.99% of the air borne bacteria and virus, making relaxing evenings what they should be relaxing!

Plug & Play
Hygia Air Sterilizer ships as a wall mountable automatic gadget, which needs no expert installation. The gadget has an automatic on/off feature which cuts off electricity at varied intervals. Just plug and play.

6 Months Refill
It has a refill which lasts for 6 months and individual refills will be available for sale.

Intelligent Indicator
When the life of the refill is nearing an end, the device will show a 'Change Refill' indication. If the CFL or fan malfunctions the device will start blinking "Change Refill" in the intelligent indicator display.


General Information
Air Purifier Operations
    Auto Mode
    Virus Germs Mold Spores Removal
Physical Dimensions
Additional Features
  • Plug & Play
  • 6 Months Refill
  • Intelligent Indicator
In The Box & Warranty
    1 Year