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Buy External Hard Disks Online in India

In the digital age, whether we are aware of it or not, we end up creating a lot of media content. From photos and videos of our surroundings to memes, movies and screenshots, our phones and laptops are chock full of storage, all being taken up by all the media files we have. As time passes, all our devices end up getting their native hard disks full.

After all, there is no such thing as unlimited storage, and we are all used to deleting data every now and then when that dreaded alert shows up on our devices.

But sometimes, it’s not always media that you have no use for. The files we value often end up taking up most of our storage space, and we end up in a situation wherein our devices become sluggish and slow. The best solution to this issue is offloading some of your data and keeping it in an external device, such as an external hard drive or USB device.

External Hard Disks for PCs and Laptop

Reliance Digital’s huge range of portable hard disks has got you covered for every kind of data storage device you might need. Our range of external hard disks covers all configurations of hard disk drives, whether it is brands, sizes, or storage space offered with different features like water resistance or shock resistance. We offer pocket-friendly options with less storage space, like 500 GB, and even super-premium options that offer huge storage space, like 16 TB hard disk.

Brands that sell External Hard Disk drives on Reliance Digital

We have an extensive selection of trustworthy and well-known brands that sell external hard disk drives on Reliance Digital, at super competitive prices. Choose from amazing brands, such as:


     Western Digital






All of the above brands have several configurations within their individual ranges as well. At Reliance Digital, we make sure that our range of external hard drives has everyone's needs completely covered. Whether you have a preference for brands, or a specific need for a storage capacity, you can count on us to get the right choice of external hard disks for you.

What are the different kinds of Hard Disks?

You can buy external hard disk drives of two different kinds, namely:

     SSDs - Solid-State Drives

     HDDs - Hard Disk Drives

SSDs are the faster and more expensive kind of hard disk drive that you can buy. In an SSD, the data is stored in technologically advanced integrated circuits. Since the technology is significantly more advanced, SSDs tend to be much smaller in size than their not-so-compact alternative, the more common Hard Disk Drives.

Dependable brands like Seagate, Lenovo, and more have high-quality SSDs for you to choose from in configurations ranging from 500 GB hard disk, a 1 TB external hard disk to a 2 TB hard disk. SSDs tend to be much faster than external hard disk drives, as no fan or platter is involved.

External Hard Disk Drives have been around much longer than SSDs. These devices are plugged into your laptop or computer using a USB wire and are available in just as many configurations as SSDs are. Several external hard disk drives brands are available on Reliance Digital, such as Seagate, Lenovo, LACIE, Sony, and more.

Reasons why you must buy yourself an External Hard Disks

It is always good to have an extra external hard drive on you because we often end up having to offload our data on our home computers or newer devices. We must make sure that our data is safely backed up and stored in an organized and systematic way. After all, our memories are priceless, and losing the media is sure to make one feel terrible.

Shop for portable external hard disk drives at the best possible prices on Reliance Digital. Whether in-store or online shopping from your home, you can trust us to deliver the best possible products for you and your family.