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Buy Daikin AC Online - write brief about Daikin ac brand & their specilization

Pioneers in Air Conditioning in Japan, Daikin is a brand trusted and loved by many, and also among one of the fastest-growing Japanese brands in India. Presently, Daikin’s brand of air conditioners are available in 150 countries across the world. Known for its strong cooling capacity and great after-sales service, Daikin is fast becoming a preferred option in the country.


Why Should You Buy Daikin ACs -

If you’re looking to buy an AC for your home, presently they only offer Daikin Split AC solutions. Daikin’s ACs are strong, come with features such as 3D Coanda Airflow for unobtrusive cooling, 2-in-1 AC cooling and heating, Power Chill Mode assisted with Dual Flap Flattening for faster cooling, Stabilizer-free operation and more. You can get a Daikin AC with all of these specifications on Reliance Digital.


Best Daikin AC Options Available Online at Reliance Digital

Daikin has a fantastic range of good-looking options for you. Daikin Air Conditioner is a preferred choice given the number of options you have based on capacity, type and power consumption.

Among the various choices you have, select from the following Daikin Air Conditioners:

      1 ton

      1.5 ton

      1.08 ton

      2.02 ton

choose your favorite acs online -

If you’re looking for amazing Daikin Air Conditioners for your home, here are some of our picks:


Daikin 1 Ton 3 Star ATL Series ATL35TV16W1 Split AC

This one comes at an economic cost and has features such as R32 Green Refrigerant, Econo Mode, Power Chill Operation, Coanda Airflow, Self Diagnosis and Stabilizer Free Operation. Apart from this, the AC has a 3 Star rating and is compact, too. It’s best suited for small-sized rooms.


Daikin 1.5 Ton 5 Star FTKM50TV Split AC

Priced at a higher value, this one comes with key features such as Swing Compressor, R32 Green Refrigerant, Reluctance DC Motor For Compressor, Neodymium Magnet, Econo Operation, Coanda Airflow Operation, Power Chill Operation, Self Diagnosis, and Stabilizer Free Operation. With higher tonnage, this one’s better suited for bigger rooms. Thankfully, the 5-star rating ensures the power wastage is the least bit in this variety.


Daikin 2.02 Ton 3 Star FTKL71TV Inverter Split AC

Perhaps one of Daikin’s absolutely top-notch models, this variant has key features such as Swing Compressor, Patented Streamer Discharge Technology, R32 Green Refrigerant, Reluctance DC Motor For Compressor, Neodymium Magnet, Econo Operation, Coanda Airflow Operation, Power Chill Operation, Self Diagnosis and Stabilizer Free Operation. Ideal for large rooms, this powerful Daikin Air Conditioner will cool the room efficiently and almost instantly.


Prices Of Daikin AC Models Online -

The Daikin AC prices in India are economical and there are plenty of options available for every pocket size. You can presently get a Daikin Air Conditioner starting at INR 28,990 going up all the way to INR 61,990.


Why Buy Your Daikin AC From Reliance Digital - I

If you’re planning to buy a Daikin Air Conditioner and want it at the best price, don’t look beyond Reliance Digital. Here, you get the best deals and discounts and the swift online transaction process makes shopping an easy experience. If you’d rather buy the AC offline, then head to your nearest Reliance Digital store to make the purchase.