"Product Packaging":
  • All our orders go through a defined pick and pack process before they are shipped out to you to ensure the correct product is shipped out every time
  • Reliancedigital.in ships products using any one of the below 3 types of Product Packaging

"Product Packaging 1":
  • Some of our products are all packed in corrugated brown boxes taped with branded tapes and finally sealed with branded "Void tape" as displayed below.


"How to identify a Seal has been tampered for Packaging Type 1 (Acceptable and Non-acceptable seals listed below)":
  • We request customers to check if the carton being delivered is not crushed or torn and is still intact with branded Reliance brown tape along with “Void” seals as follows
    1. Two void seals on the two sides of shipping label.
    2. One void seal on the back side of shipping label.
  • The Void seal should be intact & no additional tape is pasted on Void seal. If above two things are ok, customers can accept delivery from courier & sign for Package Delivery
  • If box, brown tape or side and back seal is tampered, customers should refuse delivery of the same. As soon as the seal is tampered, it will display "Void"
  • Pictures of acceptable and non-acceptable is displayed below

    Acceptable Packages Packages that should be refused
    Seal is intact and so is the tape and the box
    Seal at the two ends displays "Void" which means seal has been tampered
    Seal is intact
    Seal displays “Void” as soon is its tampered by way of peeling off or pulling

Once a package is accepted basis the non-tampered “VOID” seal and brand tape, any claim for incorrect products will be solely basis investigation by our Fulfilment centres

"Product Packaging 2: Tamper Evident Poly Bag":

Tamper Evident Poly Bag – The second packaging type we use is Tamper Evident Polyjify bags
Please ensure that you do not accept packages where the seal is tampered. Acceptance of a tampered "Void Seal" or a damaged box will automatically disqualify any return claims for physically damaged/defective products, incorrect product or missing accessories.

Please find below details of secure bag (How security feature works) -

If the bag has been tampered with (by physical or mechanical pressure), our secure bag provides tamper evident mark / indication as mentioned below –

  • If opened from top flap - it has tamper evident Void tape - It leaves a clearly visible ‘VOID’ marks on the bag (see red section in below image). Some images of tampered bags are shared below for customer reference.
  • The bag has security no. on all three sides that need to be cut to open the bag and as a result the security numbers will get misaligned or they will be missing (evidence of tamper). If a package is handed opened from three sides that causes misalignment of security numbers, please refuse the package
  • No one can take out the product, without cutting or tearing the bag - that will leave a cut mark on secure bag.

Following measures should be taken before accepting Package-

Photos of Polly Jiffy tamper proof bags –

Snippet for Tampered Void Seal -

"III. Ship in Own Container (SIOC)":

Ship in Own Container (SIOC) - There are some products that are being shipped in brand packaging only (SIOC - Shipped in Own Container Method). There is no secondary or additional packaging required.

Categorization of products that can be shipped via SIOC –

  • Home Appliances
    - Refrigerator
    - Dishwasher
    - Air Conditioner
    - Washing Machine
  • Television / Home Theatre
  • Kitchen Appliances
    - Ovens
    - OTG
    - Kitchen Hobbs
    - Kitchen Hoods