"Terms & Condition "

Galaxy Buds Pro or 10K Samsung Shop Voucher

  • Samsung India Electronics Pvt. Ltd. introduces an offer (“Offer”) on Galaxy S21 Ultra (“Device”) wherein a customer will be eligible Galaxy Buds Pro @ INR 990 [or] 10K Samsung Shop Voucher. The Offer shall be available from Sept 1, 2021 to Sept 30, 2021 ("Offer Period").
  • A customer can purchase the Device Online. The online purchase can be done on https://www.reliancedigital.in/ (hereinafter referred to as “Online Outlet/Online portal”)
  • Purchasing Device on Online Outlet :
    i. If a customer is purchasing the Device on Online Outlet, they will have to make a full payment of the amount as declared on the respective Outlet during the Offer Period.
    ii. The price of the Device as listed on the Online Outlets shall be inclusive of all taxes.
    iii. While purchasing customer will have to fill in the required details as mentioned on the respective portals such as name, mobile number, email id, model number and color of the Device, without which the booking will be incomplete.
    iv. If customer purchases the Device from Online outlet / Portal as mentioned above, they will have to follow the redemption process as mentioned in Clause 6 below.
    v. Deliveries would depend upon the geographical location and the lockdown conditions if any, imposed by the respective State Government(s) in customer(s) delivery region, where the Device has to be delivered
    vi. Customer(s) will be required to activate the Device between Sept 1, 2021 to Sept 30,2021 and register on the Samsung Shop App (to be downloaded from the Google Play Store) on or before Oct 31, 2021 in order to avail the offers
    vii. For the consumer who has ordered on or before 30th Sept’21 in Samsung shop or Ecommerce Portals (authorized sellers only), yet couldn't activate the device by offer end date (30th Sept) due to the product not being delivered to them, the activation timeline will be increased accordingly to accommodate the delay in delivery.
    viii. Redemption of Buds Pro [or] the devices for 10K voucher redemption can be done at Samsung Shop from Sept 4, 2021 to Oct 31, 2021.
    ix. In case a customer does not comply with the above mentioned timelines they will not be eligible for the Offer and no claims shall be entertained either against Samsung or its authorized partners.
    x. The shipping of the Device will be subject to availability of stocks in the specified color.
  • In case of purchasing through E-commerce Portal, Samsung India Electronics Pvt. Limited will not be responsible or liable in case of below listed scenarios including for supply of the Device as the same is being sold by respective sellers listed on the E-commerce Portal:
    i. Any wrong submission of required details including but not limited to shipping details;
    ii. Any failure to receive submissions due to transmission failures and other conditions beyond its reasonable control;
    iii. Any late transmissions or entries;
    iv. Any computer or communications related malfunctions or failures;
    v. Any delay, damage, non-receipt, lost, misrouted delivery of Device.
    vi. Any delay due to non-availability of stocks or for any other reason beyond its control.
    vii. Any delay or loss or damage due to Act of God, Governmental actions, and any other force majeure circumstances.
  • Redemption process (Buds Pro/10K Voucher)

    Once the customer purchases / receives and activates the Device you will have to follow the process for redeeming the benefits:

    1. Offer Redemption timelines
    i. Redemption of the offer will start from Sept 4, 2021 on Samsung Shop. ii. Device should be activated between Sept 1, 2021 to Sept 30, 2021 and fresh enrolment/sign in to the Samsung Shop App (to be downloaded from the Google Playstore) must be completed by Oct 31, 2021 failing which customer(s) will not be eligible for the Offer.
    2. Step 1 - Insert SIM Card. Please note it could take upto 72hrs post phone activation for offer to be activated.
    3. Step 2 - Go to Playstore, download & install Samsung Shop App.
    4. Step 3: Open Samsung Shop App and go to For You Tab under App, click on “SEE IF I’M ELIGIBLE”
    5. Step 4a: Allow Shop Samsung to Make and Manage Phone Call Permission
    6. Step 4b: Allow Shop Samsung to Make and Manage SMS Permission
    7. Step 5: Enter "IMEI1 of your current device"
    8. Step 6: App will auto read OTP
    9. Step 7: App will show list of offers, click on Buy Now
    10. Step 8: Product will be added to cart at discounted price
    11. Step 9: Enter Address, Payment Mode & click "Place Order"
    12. Step 10: Order Confirmation Page

    Redemption of offer device at customer discretion. Redemption of Offer can be done only once for every device on or before Oct 31, 2021 The shipping of the redeemed device will happen within 30 (thirty) days from the day of placing order for the same at Samsung Shop (i.e. Samsung e-store). Delivery will happen depending upon customer(s) geographical location and the lockdown conditions if any, imposed by the respective State Government(s) in customer(s) delivery region, where the Device has to be delivered.

  • The Buds Pro@990 [or]10K Voucher shall be on As Is basis and device will be delivered subject to the stock availability.

  • Samsung reserves the right to change, extend, amend and/or withdraw Offer or change any of these terms & conditions anytime without prior notice.
  • The choice as to the color, make & model of the gift(s) shall be completely at Samsung’s discretion. No claims shall be entertained in this regard.
  • All disputes shall be subject to exclusive jurisdiction of courts located at New Delhi.

Devices eligible for 10K Voucher redemption.

  • Buds+ & Adaptor
  • A32
  • Watch 3 41mm BT
  • Watch 3 41mm LTE
  • Smart Monitor 27" (LS27AG500NWXXL)