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The portal, (“Reliance Digital Website”) and Reliance Digital mobile application (“Reliance Digital App”) (collectively “Platform”) is managed and operated by Reliance Retail Limited (“Reliance”), a public company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956. Reliance enables sale and purchase of diverse range of products listed on the Platform from time to time.
An individual, who is of 18 years of age or above and has the capacity to enter into a contract makes specified purchases or completes transactions on the Platform as per the then prevailing terms of Reliance, can become a member (“ROne Member”) of RelianceOne Membership Program (“ROne Membership Program”) upon voluntarily providing his/her mobile number at the time of shopping to avail wide range of privileges and benefits and to earn points (“ROne Loyalty Points”) which can be redeemed on the Platform.
Please read the following terms and conditions (“ROne Terms and Conditions”) carefully. By enrolling and availing the benefits of the ROne Membership Program, you are bound by these ROne Terms and Conditions.
The applicant hereby acknowledges that he/she has understood and accepts the ROne Terms and Conditions set out herein or ROne Terms and Conditions modified from time to time available on the Platform and agrees that the same will be binding upon him/her and by accepting the ROne Terms and Conditions, he/she shall not dispute the same and agrees to be bound by these ROne Terms and Conditions and waive his/her right to claim any ambiguity.
  • ROne Member shall be entitled to earn ROne Loyalty Points on the Platform on the purchase of goods and payment in respect thereof, in accordance with policies and/or schemes introduced or prevailing at the time.
  • ROne Member earns 1 ROne Loyalty Point for every three hundred rupees (INR 300) spent on buying Reliance’s products and/or services on the Platform.
  • The earned points will be credited post the closure of the return period of the delivered orders. Please refer to the Cancellation and Return Policy for more information on the return period.
  • The redemption rate of each ROne Loyalty Point shall be seventy (0.70) paisa on the Platform.
  • ROne Member’s mobile number must be correctly entered on the Platform in the My Account section and it should be correctly captured on the invoice to earn ROne Loyalty Points, failing which ROne Loyalty Points will not be credited and Reliance shall not be responsible for the same. ROne Member shall be solely responsible to ensure that ROne Loyalty Points are captured properly on the Platform. No requests for retro-credit will be entertained.
  • Reliance will not be responsible for any loss of ROne Loyalty Points due to loss, misuse, surrender or transfer of mobile number by ROne Member.
  • ROne Loyalty Points cannot be encashed. ROne Loyalty Points are redeemable only against select products or services in accordance with the prevailing redemption policy / schemes at the time of such redemption.
  • ROne Member can know the current balance of ROne Loyalty Points by giving a missed call on 9212999888.
  • Please refer to Reliance’s Privacy Policy for information regarding the collection, usage, and disclosure of your personally identifiable information.
  • In case of any refund as per policy, Reliance shall reverse the earlier ROne Loyalty Points credited, if any, in respect of the value of such refund.
  • No ROne Loyalty Points shall be credited to the extent purchase of goods or services was by way of redemption of ROne Loyalty Points.
  • It is the responsibility of ROne Member to check the Points balance from time to time by appropriate means. Reliance shall not provide any account statement to ROne Member.
  • ROne Loyalty Points shall not be credited if the mobile number used for signing up for ROne Membership Program is used by an institution / organization / reseller / bulk buyer for the purchase of goods or services.
  • ROne Loyalty Points are credited against the ROne Member’s mobile number and as such cannot be pooled with, combined or transferred to any other mobile number.
  • If ROne Member wishes to transfer the ROne Loyalty Points against his mobile number to another mobile number, he is required to furnish documentary evidence that both the mobile numbers belong to him. The member can write to or contact toll free number 1800 102 7382 / 1800 891 0001 to request for transfer of ROne Loyalty points to another mobile number.
  • For any other queries or concerns regarding the ROne Loyalty program, the member can write to our customer support team at or call us at 1800 889 1055.
  • ROne Loyalty Points are not transferrable from one ROne Member to another ROne Member.
  • Reliance may, at its sole discretion reject the enrolment in the ROne Membership Program for any reasons whatsoever as it deems appropriate.
  • Reliance’s computation of ROne Loyalty Points shall be final and binding. ROne Member shall not raise any dispute or question in respect of the same.
  • All disputes in connection with the ROne Membership Program are subject to the laws of India and subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction.
  • Reliance reserves the right to change / amend / add / delete / modify, without assigning any reasons therefor, ROne Terms and Conditions of the ROne Membership Program including without limitation the rate of awarding ROne Loyalty Points, the rate of redeeming ROne Loyalty Points, validity of ROne Loyalty Points and the qualifying purchases from time to time or to withdraw or terminate the membership of any ROne Member without being responsible or liable to any person in any manner whatsoever. ROne Member acknowledges that it may not be possible for Reliance to ensure that all such changes / amendments / additions / deletions / modifications are informed to ROne Member. Accordingly, ROne Member is advised to check for any such changes / amendments / additions / deletions / modifications regularly on the Platform or designated customer service call centre.
  • Liability of Reliance shall be limited to the extent of the then current value of outstanding ROne Loyalty Points standing to the credit of ROne Member as per records maintained by Reliance.
  • Reliance’s obligation under the ROne Membership Program is subject to force majeure conditions. In the event a force majeure situation occurs, Reliance shall not be responsible for any damage or loss which ROne Members / applicants may suffer by reason of such a failure or delay of performance, and such failure or delay shall not be a breach on part of Reliance.
  • By redeeming the ROne Loyalty points, ROne Members grant to Reliance a perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, assignable license to display, publish, announce or refer the details or name ("Member Material") in any form, electronic or print manner, venue, media or technology now known or later developed for any and all purposes, including, without limitation, for purposes of trade, advertising, and promotion as Reliance and its licensees or assignees determine, without any further compensation, notification, or permission.