Terms and Conditions of Credit Card No Cost EMI
The following terms and conditions apply to no cost equated monthly installment ("EMI") transactions made using a credit card issued by any bank and using EMI facility as a payment option ("No Cost EMI")
  • The No Cost EMI facility is being offered to the customers who make a purchase transaction on www.reliancedigital.in or the mobile site thereof (collectively, "Reliancedigital.in") using a credit card issued by any bank using EMI facility; if available on Reliancedigital.in
  • The No Cost EMI facility is made available on select products, as determined from time to time.
  • The No Cost EMI payment option can only be availed using the credit card of any bank on Reliancedigital.in and is not available on purchases made using any other payment method including debit cards or net banking or pay on delivery payment methods.
  • Using the No Cost EMI payment option, the customers who undertake the purchase transactions on Reliancedigital.in, will only pay amounts such that the total of these amounts during the EMI tenure is equal to the list price of the products as displayed on Reliancedigital.in (at the time of making the purchase transactions). The participating banks/brands (as the case may be) will provide amounts equivalent to the interest imposed by the banks to undertake the purchase transactions on EMI.
  • The banks issuing the credit cards reserve the right to charge Goods and Services Tax (GST) or other applicable taxes on the purchase transactions undertaken on EMI which will be over and above the product price.
  • Customers cannot add more than one item to their cart and
    • Customers may avail the No Cost EMI facility, provided that: 
        • the order is not cancelled by the customer  or
        • the product is not returned / exchanged by the customer.
  • The EMI facility is made available to the customers by and in the sole discretion of the banks issuing the credit cards. Reliance Retail Limited will not be liable for any claims on account of availability or non-availability of EMI facility.
  • Reliance reserves the right to change the banks offering the No Cost EMI or stop No Cost EMI payment option at any time without prior notice and without any liability
  • All Disputes subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction