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“Terms and Conditions for Combo offers/Freebies offered by Reliance Digital”

    ·      Reliance offers freebies and combos from time to time.

    ·      The freebie offers are of two types

    • Freebies auto added to the cart when the main product is added. This currently includes TV wall mounts with TV
    • Freebies/combo/Promotional offers will have to be manually added to the cart by the customer to avail the Free product with Purchase offer listed on the product page. This includes Laptop bags, camera cases and promotional freebies wherever applicable

    ·  If a freebie/Promotional product is added to cart successfully on the shopping cart page, it will appear under “Order Details” in Your account section as well as all email communication from Reliance Digital Retail Ltd.

    ·  In case a freebie/promotional product is not manually added to cart on the shopping cart page, it will not be delivered along with the original product.

    ·  Customers can contact within 3 days from date of order placement in case freebie was not added to the cart

    ·  Customer’s original order will be validated against the offer period and a coupon code for ordering the freebie will be provided.

    ·  Final Invoice for “Freebies auto added to the cart” will show all promo products in the same invoice and the freebie will be displayed as Rs 0 on the invoice

    ·  Invoice for “Freebies/combo/Promotional offers that are manually added to the cart” may contain all promotional products in one invoice or may be different invoices in case of multiple shipments. In such cases benefit equivalent to the price of promotional product will be apportioned against all the offer products.

    ·  For orders of products with additional cashback displayed under “Finance Offers”, orders will not be eligible for cashback if any freebie/promotional item is added to the order



    ·  Auto added freebies will have to be returned along with the main product to receive a full refund

    ·  Freebies/combo/Promotional offers – If main product is returned or refused at doorstep, the amount refunded will be equivalent to what was displayed on the invoice. The amount shown on the invoice for the free promotional item will not be refunded unless the freebie item is returned in sealed and unopened condition