"BenQ Warranty Policy for Projectors":

Dear Valued Customer,

Kindly refer to the warranty details applicable for BenQ products in India. If you have any queries, kindly refer to the contact details below. We request you to also review the General Terms & Conditions listed below.

  • Carry-In Warranty : Customer to carry the product to service centres.
  • On Site Warranty : Service associate to visit the customer site for inspection of product.

Mail us at Customer Support: Service-In@BenQ.com
Customer Care No: 1800-419-9979 (Monday to Saturday 9:30am to 6:00pm)

Mandatory information required for call registration:

RMA No to be issued by CC team
Customer Name  
Customer Address  
City / District / state / Pincode*  
Landmark if any  
Contact No* / Alternate No  
E-mail id if possible  
Model No  
Serial No* (13 digit)  
Nature of fault  
Note: PIN code / Contact No / Serial No is mandatory  
Proof of Purchase if product exceed the warranty Period  

Product / Accessories Warranty period Service type
Projectors 27 months from the date of manufacturing or 24 months from the date of invoice (Proof of Purchase) whichever is earlier Lamp: 12 months or 1000 hours whichever is earlier Onsite
LED Projector - GV1 27 months from the date of manufacturing or 24 months from the date of invoice (Proof of Purchase) whichever is earlier Carry in
Note: Accessories - Power Adaptor, Remote control, Signal cable carry 12 months carry in warranty.

**Projector Lamp Warranty Definition and Terms

  • Only Fused Lamp-supported in warranty
  • Dimming of lamp, Breakage or Blasting of the lamp – not supported in warranty.

**Lamp is consumable item its brightness keeps on decreasing with the usage. So dimming is not covered in warranty.

**Dimming: Dimming is a continuous process and it is a natural phenomenon of the projector where brightness of the projector keeps on decreasing with every use.

  • BenQ warrants the product you have purchased from BenQ or BenQ distributor, reseller, or vendor (Authorized partners) to be free from manufacturing defects in material and workmanship under normal use.
  • During the warranty period/terms and conditions as mentioned in this SLA, BenQ will, at no additional charge, replace defective parts or products with new parts or serviceable parts or products that are equivalent to new parts or products in performance. All replaced or exchanged parts which are removed under this warranty will become the property of BenQ.
  • Software related faults resulting from incorrect installation of software (except where the software is installed by a BenQ), the failure of the product to perform any purpose other than its intended purpose and viruses or bugs shall not be considered as product faults.
  • It is user responsibility to maintain useable archival back-ups of all data and to reload all software following any maintenance or repair work.
  • Parts, products and software not supplied by BenQ, whether installed or attached to the product are not covered by this product warranty.
  • BenQ at its option may invalidate this warranty and/or decline a warranty claim if the defect claimed has arisen for any reason other than defective parts or workmanship. Circumstances in which BenQ may invalidate a warranty claim include but are not limited to the following:
    • Accidental damage, misuse, or abuse of the product;
    • Use of the product within an improper or inappropriate operating environment;
    • Modification of the product that has not been authorized by BenQ in writing;
    • The serial number or warranty seal of the product being removed or defaced;
    • The product being serviced or repaired by anyone other than an Authorized Service Provider;
    • A claim for missing software or accessories not reported within 7 working days after purchase;
    • Changes in the normal settings of the product; and
    • Normal wear and tear.

BenQ Warranty Terms
Turn Around Time ( TAT ) :
Response Time ( RT) : 4 Hrs
Days needed to rectify the problem ( TAT ) : 7 Business Days

*TAT is counted from Monday to Friday, if the call is logged after 1:00 PM, it is considered as next business day.
Except for the warranties set forth herein, BenQ disclaims all other warranties, expressed or implied or statutory, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.
Any implied warranties that may be imposed by applicable law are limited to the terms of this limited warranty. In no event shall BenQ be liable for any incidental, special or consequential, damages, including but not limited to loss of business, profits, data or use, whether in an action in contract or tort or based on a warranty, arising out of or in connection with the use or performance of the product, even if BenQ had been advised of the possibility of such damages.
For any Epidemic / mass failure due to manufacturing defect, BenQ will support such cases within SLA & at its own cost.
If, despite the foregoing limitation, for any reason BenQ becomes liable to you for damages incurred by you in connection with this agreement, then, the liability of BenQ will be limited to the amount equal to the invoice amount paid by you to BenQ or an BenQ authorized reseller for the product.
To obtain warranty service, end user must provide Proof of original purchase receipt or invoice.

Best practices recommended by BenQ will help to improving the overall life of the Projector: DO's and DON'Ts

1. Please ensure proper grounding (Earthing) of the site before installing the PRJ.
2. Please use Power Stabilizer / Surge Protector / UPS to regulate the power supply and avoid power fluctuation/ cut out.
3. PRJ should be kept under well cooling system
4. PRJ should be kept away from dust and moisture.
5. Please keep the projector covered with dust proof covers when not in use
6. Please give enough time to cool down the LAMP before switching on the PRJ just after a power off.
7. PRJ should use under defined on/off cycles time: example : 2hours on/ 15 minutes off
8. Please clean the PRJ periodically to remove dust which will help to keep the ventilation holes open.
9. Always open the lens shutter or remove the lens cap when the projector lamp is on.
1. Please do not power off the Projector abruptly, always shut down the PRJ properly.
2. Please do not move / shift the PRJ while it is working.
3. Please do not allow students to touch / sprinkle water droplets on PRJ.
4. Please do not clean the Lens Assy with rough cloth or with cleaning liquids.  This cause scratches in the Lens Assy and the display get blur. Please wipe the lenses with Lens tissues only for cleaning.
5. Please do not look straight at the projector lens during operation. The intense light beam may damage your eyes.
6. Please do not block the projection lens with any objects as this could cause the objects to become heated and deformed or even cause a fire. To temporarily turn off the lamp, press BLANK on the projector or remote control.
7. Please do not block the ventilation holes.
  • Do not place this projector on a blanket, bedding or any other soft surface.
  • Do not cover this projector with a cloth or any other item.
  • Do not place inflammables near the projector.
If the ventilation holes are seriously obstructed, overheating inside the projector may result in a fire.
8. Do not place this projector in any of the following environments.
  • Space that is poorly ventilated or confined. Allow at least 50 cm clearance from walls and free flow of air around the projector.
  • Locations where temperatures may become excessively high, such as the inside of a car with all windows rolled up.
  • Locations where excessive humidity, dust, or cigarette smoke may contaminate optical components, shorten the projector's life span and darken the image.

DOA Definition:

if the product fails within 7 days from the date of receipt of the goods, and inform to BenQ, customer will log the complaint on BenQ toll free number i.e. 18004199979 or mail to customer support desk i.e. service-in@benq.com, after logging the complaint engineer will visit at given address and diagnose there any technical problem due to manufacturing defect and not repairable on-site, complaint will qualify as DOA and will be covered by our DOA warranty replacement process.
For DOA, the Unit should be intact with complete packing and accessories.

BenQ Warranty Policy:

  • Customer can call on BenQ toll free number 1800 419 9979 or send the product details and customer contact details on service-in@benq.com to log the complaint.
  • On-site Pick up Service: This is available with respect to the product covered by BenQ's On-site Pick up Warranty only and located within local area. On-site pick up service must be scheduled within office hours. End users are required to pay for the extra transportation charge at prevailing price on request of service for non-working hours.
  • Preventive Maintenance is not a part of standard warranty support hence consumer should take care of Preventive Maintenance by their own because its requirement is depends on the site condition and environment where the Product is installed and operated. BenQ will provide onsite support only for breakdown calls during the usage of the products.
  • Demo and installation of the Products are not a part of standard warranty support hence no calls will be registered for such requirement. For such requests BenQ extends telephonic support through our technical Help desk i.e. 0124-4501466


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