Nokia C01 - Soft & Self Locking

    Applicable on 1st recharge on Rs. 249 & Above

  • Locking Journey will be executed by customer through MyJio application Price support amount transfer directly to customer in his bank account.

  • Key steps involved :

    o Customer to purchase new device at MOP/RRP.
    o Customer to open MyJio app for enrolling under JioExclusive program.
    o Customer will receive price support benefit directly in the bank account through the UPI handle shared during enrolment.
    o Benefit Amount for Nokia C01 = Rs. 599.
    o Eligibility Check
    1) Locking date should be within 15 days of Device activation.
    2) Customer can avail the benefit only once per Jio number.

  • Locking period 30 months
  • Customer can unlock the device through MyJio. Exit charges to be borne by customer while discontinuing the program before 30 months.
  • Device Behavior :


    Enrollment Journey through MyJio

    - Open MyJio app
    - Tap on the Ladder Menu
    - Tap on "Settings"
  • Step 1 : Visit Device Settings - JioExclusive

    Under Device Settings tab, Tap on "JioExclusive"

  • Step 2 : Join Program

    *Amount shown here is for example only. Actual amount will be as per applicable scheme, T&C

    Program eligibility check happens automatically
    1. Device
    - Valid Brand & Model
    - Enrollment within 15 days of activation
    2. Mobile number
    - Benefit only once per number
    - Tap on I Agree to Terms & Conditions
    - Tap on Join Now

  • Error Scenario during Eligibility Check

  • Step 3 : UPI handle

    - Enter UPI handle.
    - Tap on Proceed.
    - Tap on I confirm that the bank account linked to UPI ID is active.
    - If Customer does not have UPI ID, Tap on Create Now.

  • Step 4 : Successful enrollment post OTP

    - OTP will be sent to the customer.
    - Enter OTP.
    - Tap on Submit.
    - Tap on Done.

  • Communication to Customer Successful Amount Credit

  • SMS will be sent to Customer post credit of amount.
    Price Support Amount of Rs.(amount) has been successfully processed to your bank account for enrolling your Nokia C01 plus device with Jio Number(mobile_num) for Jio Exclusive Program. Transaction Details :
    UPI Account Name : (UPI_ID)
    Transaction ID : (TRANSACTION_ID)
    Transaction Date and Time : (DATE_TIME)
    For T&C's, visit http


    Visit JioExclusive to view the status

    Price support amount will be credited within 30 minutes of enrollment completion on MyJio.
  • Unlocking Journey

  • Unlocking Journey through MyJio

  • 1 - Open MyJio app
    2 - Tap on the Ladder Menu
    3 - Tap on "Settings"

    Step 1 : Visit Device Settings - Unlock device

    Under Device Settings tab, Tap on "Unlock device"

    Step 2 : Click on Unlock device

    Tap on "Unlock device"

    Step 3 : Pay for applicable charges

    Applicable Admin charge is shown, Tap on "Pay"

    *Amount shown here is for example only. Actual amount will be as per applicable scheme,T&C

    Step 4 : Select Payment Option

    Select preferred Payment Option & Complete Payment

    Step 5 : Payment Status

    Payment successful Tap on "Done"

    Tap on "Done", Device will get unlocked