AJIO Spin the Wheel Offer Redemption



  • Shop for Rs.10000 & above and get additional discount up to Rs.1500 Customer need to use the coupon code won on AJIO on shopping cart during checkout.
  • Details of the Instant Coupon Discount is as per the table below:
  • Coupon Code Starts WithSlabDiscount
    A25Rs 10000 - Rs 14999Rs.250
    A50Rs 15000 – Rs 19999Rs.500
    A10Rs 20000 – Rs 39999Rs.1000
    A15>Rs 40000Rs.1500


·    Offer period - 04 JUL 2021 to 31 JUL 2021.

·    Coupon redemption is applicable on select brands & products only.

·    To check eligibility of product, please check for the Ajio Spin the wheel offer message on the product page.



Other Terms & Conditions:


·    Offer is not valid on bulk billing.

·    The coupon codes are available only to customers in select locations where Reliance Digital can home deliver products.

·    Each coupon code can be redeemed only once and cannot be exchanged for cash.

·    Reliance has the right to cancel any orders where Coupon is applied for non eligible items or applied incorrectly.

·    Reliance shall not be responsible in any manner for loss or stolen coupon code and no duplicate code or compensation in lieu of the coupon code shall be given by Reliance.

·    Liability of Reliance is limited to providing the coupon for redemption and discount value mentioned in the coupon.

·    Bearer of the coupon code shall be deemed to have read, understood and accepted these terms and conditions.

·    Bearer of the coupon code is deemed to be the beneficiary of it. Any redemption by the bearer of coupon code shall be considered as a valid discharge of liabilities by the Parties.

·    Reliance shall not be liable under any circumstances towards any loss or damage or expenses or cost or any third party liability, whether directly or indirectly arising out of or in relation to use of coupon code and availing the discount thereunder by the bearer.

·    Reliance reserves its right to modify/amend the terms and conditions of the coupon code at any time without prior notice and such modifications shall be binding on the user/bearer of the coupon code.

·    Any dispute with regards to product liability, guarantee, warranty, and quality of the products to be purchased under redemption of the coupon shall be addressed to the respective Manufacturer/ Brand Owner and Reliance shall not be held responsible for the same. The guarantee and warranty of the products shall be transferred, as received from the respective Manufacturer/Distributor.

·    In case of any issue faced by the coupon code bearer i.e. discount not applied or incorrect amount applied, the coupon code bearer can reach out to the customer care via email or the telephone number mentioned on the website reliancedigital.in. 

·    Post order delivery, any inaccuracy of discount or any doubts expressed by the customer shall not be entertained.

·    All disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of courts at Mumbai only.