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Aquaguard 7 litres UV + UF Water Purifier, Enhance
Key Features
  • i-Filter removes fine suspended particle
  • Chemi-Block reduces chlorine & organic impurities
  • Mineral Guard technology retains essential minerals
  • Biotron breaks water molecules into micro-clusters
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A must-have in every household, this Aquaguard Enhance UV + UF Water Purifier is worth investing in. Its water purifying technologies will protect your family from waterborne diseases that are caused by bacteria, viruses, cysts, protozoa, algae, fungi, etc. Besides, the Water Purifier is designed uniquely to fit anywhere and ultimately save space wherever it is placed.

Removes fine suspended particles such as dust, dirt mud and sand from water.

Miracle Cartridge
Removes heavy metals from water.

Reduces excess chlorine and organic impurities. Also adsorbs bad taste and odour from the water.

Ultra Filter
Capillary tube type membrane-based technology that imparts crystal clear clarity to drinking water in addition to making the water safe from bacteriological contamination.

Mineral Guard
The technology retains essential minerals like calcium and magnesium naturally present in water, which ordinary water purifiers deplete, giving you healthy water.

UV Chamber
UV disinfects the water by eliminating waterborne diseases- causing bacteria, viruses and protozoa, thereby making it safe to drink.

Taste Enhance Cartridge
Removes residual organic impurities and enhances the original taste of water. The carbon polishes the water, giving it a sparkling look, making it pure and great to taste.

The cutting edge Biotron Technology de-clusters water molecules, thereby making the water more "bio-available". By unlocking the nutrients in water, it promises you the healthiest water, always.


General Information

    Water Purifier Type
    Storage type

Purifier Technology

    No. of Purification Stages
    Filter Types
    i-Filter, Ultra filter
    Power Supply
    AC 230V
    Purification Capacity
    25 litres/hour
    Input Water Temperature
    10 Degree C - 40 Degree C
    Storage Tank Capacity
    7 litres
    Purifying Technology
    UV + UF

Purifier Dimensions

    31.6 cms
    25.1 cms
    46.2 cms
    5370 grams

In The Box & Warranty

    1 Year
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