Air Conditioner: Finance Schemes
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The new mantra for owning an AC: "15/1, Interest Free!"

As summer hits its peak, prices of Air Conditioner are also northward bound! The cost of raw materials such as copper, aluminium has contributed to a price increase of 3-7%. Due to the recent STAR rating changes in Power Savings label from BEE – last year’s 5 STAR AC is this year’s 4 STAR AC. This again has contributed to price increase. How? With every increase in STAR rating the surface area of the condenser/compressor unit would increase that in turn means other parts such as the refrigerant tubing etc. needed would proportionately increase with an increase in its dimensions. Also, the key parts of the AC unit – Compressor, Condenser, Evaporator are mostly imported, while the covering units are fabricated locally. This implies that with every fluctuation in the dollar-rupee value there is a corresponding increase in the import costs that which again impacts the manufacturing costs.

So by how much has this impacted the price of ACs?

For residential homes, let’s consider either a 1 Ton or a 1.5 Ton AC. In that let’s look at costs for typical 5 STAR AC and how it has varied over last year:

  1. In 2011 a 5 STAR AC of 1 Ton capacity would have cost you approx. Rs. 26,000. Today, the same AC configuration would cost you Rs. 30,000 – An increase of around Rs. 4000 (15% increase).
  2. In 2011, a 5 STAR of 1.5 Ton AC capacity would have cost you approx. Rs. 30,000. Today, the same AC configuration would cost you Rs. 34,000 – An increase of around Rs. 4000 (13% increase). Similar effects are noticeable in ACs with lower STAR ratings as well.
Over and above that, increase in transportation costs and the most recent hike in excise duty by 2% (2012 budget) have also added on to the manufacturing costs. Has this further pushed the affordability of an AC beyond the size of your wallet? Does that mean you postpone the purchase of the AC?

Already breaking into a sweat? No matter how devout you are, invoking divine intervention is not going to rid you of this inflation, neither is chanting any mantra to drive away the blues or in this case to beat the heat!

Unless you chant the new mantra on EMIs for ACs – exclusively by Reliance Digital!


What if you were offered the choice of paying it in equated monthly instalments spread across 15 long months?
What if your initial Down payment is equal to only 1 EMI?
All this at 0% interest rate!

Add to that a wide range of ACs from leading brands such as: Daikin, Carrier, LG, Samsung, Hitachi, our very own ReConnect and many more!

Also, it may interest you to know that the Down Payment you would need to pay could be as low as Rs. *1,166 only (depending upon price and stock availability)! The rest could be paid in 15 easy EMIs!

Sounds cool?

That’s not all, given that 5 STAR ACs are the most cost effective from a Total Cost of Ownership perspective; we offer specific *Down Payment benefits:

  1. Pay only 1 EMI towards Down Payment on purchase of a 5 STAR AC
  2. Pay 3 EMIs towards Down Payment on purchase of a 2 STAR or 3 STAR AC
To know more and how you could customize your investment in selecting the RIGHT AC, walk in to any Reliance Digital store today!

*Please Note: 15/1 EMI offer valid for limited period of time, and is subject to change. Please confirm at our stores before purchase