How to setup an Android Wear watch with your phone

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affordable window ac

Reconnect air conditioners offer premium cooling at affordable prices

Buying an air conditioner isn’t easy. There are multiple factors to be taken into consideration. Not to mention the huge number of models to choose from, only makes the process harder. For most people though, the
best budget gaming laptop india

Best gaming laptops at Reliance Digital

Lately, we’ve see a shift in the PC gaming community. Today, a lot of people prefer gaming laptops over desktops. There are many reasons to it, starting from the fact that laptops are more versatile, portable and
inverter ac split

Top rated 1.5 ton Split Air Conditioners to keep you cool this summer

Summers in India are really getting unbearable and we can expect an increase in temperatures over the coming weeks. This is the time when many of us start looking for air conditioners to get relief from the scorchi
social media safety

How to secure your data on Facebook

Facebook was recently in the news, for being a part of a data leak scandal. A recent revelation uncovered a data analysis company, Cambridge Analytica harvested data of about 50 million Facebook users without their
Reconnect split ac 1 ton

Reconnect Split ACs: All about its energy-saving features

Summer is coming to an end, but it is still a good time to buy a new air conditioner. Air conditioners are now more affordable and more efficient, so they can be seen in many households these days.   There are
ac vs air cooler power consumption

What to choose - Air Conditioner or Air Cooler

Summer is here and we can expect temperatures to spike. If you don’t already have cooling for your home, you’ll be looking for cooling solutions. We typically have two choices to choose from - Air conditioners
Buying guide

Choosing a STAR rated AC cuts down on power bills

      With the receding cold wave, everybody's gearing up for the infamous Indian summer, which is guaranteed to bake, broil, and fricassee you. With the heat already touching 40 degrees in parts of the Indi
air coolers lowest price

Air coolers under Rs. 10,000 to stay cool this summer

Installing an air conditioner at home is one of the best ways to stay cool this summer. Many of us get ACs installed, while some prefer buying air cooler as a substitute. This can be because of affordability and th
lg 32lj573d review

Bang for your Buck - 9 Affordable TVs under Rs. 40,000

Buying a TV isn’t a big deal anymore. There are TV selection guides online that help you choose the right one. There are plenty of HD TVs, full HD TVs and 4K TV models in the market with all kinds of screen sizes
Buying guide

How to go about buying the right air conditioner

Rising temperatures in India have made air conditioners (ACs) more or less of a necessity for every household. However, choosing the wrong air conditioner for your house can either result in large electricity bills

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