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Google Pixel XL features

Google Pixel XL review

For the last few years, many of us have seen Android through the eyes of manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Micromax and many others. It’s not just the hardware but these manufacturers have also changed the
choosing the right laptop

Everything about picking a laptop in 3 minutes

Choosing a new laptop that suits your requirements is a confusing task. There are many brands, and multiple product line-ups with different features and specifications. You need to figure out what screen size you w
laptops for graphic designers

A laptop buying guide for Graphic Designers

If you've been using Photoshop or 3d Studio Max for a while now, you know how annoying it is waiting for a project to open, or when the software hangs because your laptop simply wasn't powerful enough. It's a commo
mobile camera features

Top 8 Phone camera modes you need to try out

If you’re into photography and you thought DSLRs are the ultimate way to get great results, you might be slightly mistaken. Of course, there are great benefits to using a DSLR, but you’ll be surprised what phon
buying guide for a gaming laptop

How to pick the right gaming laptop

It’s not hard to identify a gaming laptop from the other standard notebooks. It’s probably the one with the aggressive design, a bulky chassis and possibly a colourful lit-up keyboard. No doubt design is an imp
mobile theft

7 Easy steps to secure your phone from loss or theft

Technology in the form of mobile phones allows us to do a lot, and do more interactive things. Today, we can do shopping, pay bills, manage our bank accounts as well as make calls and send text messages no matter w

Everything about the Samsung Tizen TV OS

Samsung smart TVs come built-in with their proprietary operating system called Tizen OS. It’s designed to look very stylish and match the TV’s aesthetics. Not just that, the OS also puts quite a personal touch
laptop overheating solution

5 Ways to deal with your overheating laptop

If you’ve been using your laptop for a while, you might have noticed instances of slowdown or random blue screens, or rebooting. This can be caused by a number of problems, but it can very likely be a case of you
extend battery life

How to boost your phone’s battery life

Smartphones have become faster and lighter over the years, but we still struggle to find a phone with a decent battery life. When we go out and buy a phone, we look for phones with batteries with higher mAh ratings
android tv os update

Know more about the Android TV OS

Android TV is a smart TV platform. It has a built-in Android operating system that creates an interactive TV experience. It is more or less similar to that of a Android phone operating system.

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