LG WW170EP RO + UV Water Purifier
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Key Features

  • Helps retain mineral in water
  • Kills Bacteria & revitalizes freshness with efficient UV LED
  • Regular sterilization of every water path and tank

    5 Stage RO Filtration System
    Pure & healthy water without impure water mixing

    True RO Filtration
    No mixing of impure water.

    Mineral Booster
    Helps retain the mineral in the water.

    True preservation
    Invasion free with airtight seal & maintains freshness with stainless steel.

    EverFresh UV Plus
    Kills Bacteria & revitalizes freshness with more efficient UV LED.

    True Maintenance
    Digital Sterilizing
    Care : Regular sterilization of every water path and tank with the auto Sterilizing kit.


    Product Information  
    Model WW170EP
    Purifier Type Storage Type
    Brand LG
    Colour Red
    Key Features  
    Storage Tank Capacity 8 litres
    Purifying Technology RO + UV
    Filter Type Outside Sediment+ Sediment+Pre-Carbon+ RO + Mineral Booster
    Physical Dimensions  
    Height 50 cms
    Width 36.5 cms
    Depth 27.5 cms
    Weight 9500 grams
    Additional Features  
  • Dual Protection Stainless Steel Tank
  • Mineral Booster
  • EverFresh UV Plus
  • Digital Sterilizing care
  • Smart Display
  • Indicators
  • Installation Type : Wall Mount/ Desk Top
  • Flow Rate : 1.6 LPM
  • Water Tray
  • In The Box & Warranty  
    Warranty 12 Months
    Article Information  
    Article No 491281698
    EAN 491281698