Hitachi Zunoh 3200f RAU318AWD Split Air Conditioner, 1.5 Ton
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  • Auto OFF
  • One Touch Silent Fan Speed
  • 4-Way Air Distribution
  • Soft Dry
  • Refrigerant-R22

  • Air Sleep Cooling Control Technology
    A sound sleep at night after a long day at work is what every person craves for. Hitachi's iSense technology helps you catch on that much needed rest. It provides a comfortable sleeping enviornment by regulating the room temperature according to a person's active body movements. So that one can have a sound sleep at night and wake up fresh the next morning.

    In Air Sleep Cooling Control Technology, infra-red sensor detects human movement during sleep, in case of no active movement, AC increases the temperature by 1 Degrree C per hour for 2 hours.

    Auto Power Save Mode
    Automatically selects the comfortable temperature by maintaining the set temperature at around 25 Degree C.

    Stainless Steel Coated Filter
    The Hitachi stainless steel coated filter helps in improving the indoor air quality by suppressing the growth of bacteria. It is also easy to clean as it does not let dust settle on its surface and can be cleaned with a single wipe without even using water. The stainless steel used in the stainless clean system is of high quality and extremely resistant to corrosion resulting in durability and hygiene.

    Supercool Function
    In this, the AC works at its maximum, so as to maximise cooling. This function is available in auto & cool mode.

    Powerful Mode
    The air circulation speed and the set temperature changes automatically to cool the room quickly for a period of 30 minutes. The fan speed is on super high in this mode.

    Simple On/Off Timer : You set the timer to switch on the AC at the specified time. The AC automatically starts at the preset time, and begins to cool the room. However, when you reach the room, it might be a bit too warm or a bit too cool. Basically, you don't get the desired comfort level. Also, you end up wasting a lot of electricity.

    On/Off Timer With Advanced Start-up: You set the temperature that you want at the given time. The AC is smart enough to scan the room an hour before the set time. It calculates the time it'll need to reach the desired temperature, and switches on accordingly. So you get the perfect comfort level as soon as you come back, without wasting any electricity.

    Is your AC being misused in your absence? If yes, just switch to the Digilock. It locks your AC and prevents the misuse in your absence, besides ensuring that your comfort settings aren't affected by tampering or accidental pressing of keys.


    Product Information  
    Series Zunoh 3200f
    Model RAU318AWD
    Split A/C Type Compact
    Brand Hitachi
    Capacity & Ratings  
    Tonnage 1.5 Ton
    EER (BTUhr/Watts) 3.29
    BEE Star Rating 3 Star
    BEE STAR Rating Disclaimer Ratings are valid for a specific duration of time and may undergo revisions from time to time.
    BTU/H 18300 BTU/hr
    Amperes 7.3
    Max. Air Circulation 600 CFM
    Noise Level 33 dB
    Performance Related  
    Refrigerant R22
    Compressor Type Rotary
    Air Direction 4-Way
    Physical Dimensions  
    Colour White
    Height Main Unit 29.4 cms
    Depth Main Unit 25.8 cms
    Weight Main Unit 13000 grams
    Height Outdoor Unit 54.8 cms
    Depth Outdoor Unit 28.8 cms
    Weight Outdoor Unit 40000 grams
    In The Box & Warranty  
    Warranty 12 Months
    Article Information  
    Article No 581108116
    EAN 8903079039358