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Reconnect 42 FHD LED TV - Review

Reconnect 42 FHD LED TVThere are a multitude of brands that offer a variety of LED/LCD TVs to suit all budgets. Picking the right television set has never been easy. What’s worse is the sheer number of options available to choose from and in many cases people end up buying what “seems” good as compared what they really “need”. And what you really need doesn’t have to come with a fancy brand or over-budget advertising on popular channels.

Here’s one example to prove the point.

Reconnect LED-LE4295 comes from Reliance Digital’s own stable of consumer products. It offers a 42-inch LED screen, Full HD capability and many more features that are meant for your viewing pleasure.

Reconnect is a brand by Reliance Digital that comprises of a host of electronic equipment that we use in our daily lives, from home entertainment products such as televisions, multimedia speaker, DVD players to home appliances such as juicers, coffee makers, etc.

The LE4295, as it is called, is a full HD LED back-lit TV which supports video resolution up to 1920 x 1080 pixels (1080p). It has a very sober design. Nothing flashy or gaudy about it and most people, except for those with a foot on the ramp, would find no fault with its appearance. Likewise the remote controller too is quite simple with fewer keys to use but necessary controls, most of them placed within easy reach.

On the connectivity front, the LE4295 has two HDMI ports, two component input ports, one composite input port and two USB ports.

Switch on the television, and you are greeted with an on-screen display that would remind you of an 8-bit console game. The interface is not as polished as the one you see on Samsung and LG televisions but then neither is the price as demanding.

Moving on to the picture quality, it is above average for TVs in its price bracket. The colors are natural with good sharpness and details. It has a motion smoothness algorithm, which makes sure high action scenes don’t cause a lag or ghosting effect on the screen.

Knowing the importance of the role that “sound” plays when watching TV, Reconnect has made sure there is no room for complaints here. ┬áThe TV gets sufficiently loud early on in the volume range itself. So you probably won’t ever have to cross the 50% range at all.

The LE4295 supports USB drives as well. It works with both the NTFS and FAT partitions on the drive which means, this TV will support drives used with most Windows or Apple computers. To put it simply, the TV supports external USB hard drives and not just pen drives. The format support is pretty decent too. The TV plays most of the common video formats very well. However it doesn't support 1080p resolution files and some of the newer formats like MKV via USB.

It would not matter to those who do not have a collection of HD files. Your collection of DVD Rips and TV episodes should work fine through the USB port.

Well, that was all about the features of the TV, lets come to the most important criteria. The price.

The Reconnect LED-LE4295 is priced at Rs. 36,990. For this price, it offers a large screen viewing experience with good sound and the bragging rights of having an ‘LED TV’ for a cost lower than of a LCD TV of the same size.

Let's not forget that this TV is for the budget conscious buyers (majority of us) and not for those who seek crystal clear clarity and a top notch feature set available in TVs that are 5 times more expensive. Understandably, the performance is not in the same league as a Samsung or a Sony but at that price point, it packs enough punch to get your money's worth.

So, for those who want to watch their daily television and play a few DVDs or catch HD channels via TV HD set top box, this is one of the best value for money options that will suit the needs for any family.

*P.S: Products and services are subject to stock availability. Please call our store representatives to confirm.