Carrier 2 Ton 3 Star Duraedge CACS24DE3R5 Split Air Conditioner
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Duraedge 3 star
Bring home clean air with Duraedge 3 star split AC with features like PM2.5 micron filter which removes the smallest particles and helps provide clean and healthy air for your family.

Refrigerant leakage detector
The early warning system detects refrigerant leakage and immediately turns off the AC while simultaneously displaying the relevant error code on the indoor unit.

Carbon fibre filter
With Active Carbon and an Electrostatic fibre filter, the unit constantly scrubs away smells and poisonous compounds while preventing dust particles and other allergens from entering the air flow system.

Auto detector
If the unit malfunctions for any reason, it will shut on automatically while indicating the relevant error code on the indoor unit, enabling fast servicing.

Nexgen dehumidifier
Mould and mildew are types of fungi which can thrive in humid areas and can pose numerous health risks. The NeXGen Dehumidifier allows the air conditioner to reduce the humidity of a specific room whilst retaining its cooling capability, keeping the room at a comfortable temperature.

Sleep mode
An energy-saving mode, which gradually increases the temperature while you sleep. This slight, gradual increase in temperature, not alecting your comfort level, saves the energy consumption of the unit, and consequently lowers your power bill.

Auto restart
During unexpected power outages, this function retains the settings and temperature levels in its memory chip, enabling the air conditioner to restart with the previous function settings automatically when the power resumes.

Auto swing
Covering the expanse of the room, this function evenly cools or heats every part of the room by rotating/swinging the air deflector automatically.

Turbo mode
With this function the air conditioner maximises the output of cooling or heating capacity and attains the desired temperature in shortest time.

Rust safeguard
Equipped with 5 unique layers of protective coating to ensure complete freedom from rust, the AC cabinet can withstand extreme weather conditions and serve you for years to come.

Bright LED display included in the control panel.

24*7 timer
The unit can run on automatic mode using the 24-hour timer, which programs the unit to start and stop at a pre-assigned time.

PM 2.5 Micron filter
Particulate matter 2.5, or PM 2.5, is composed of tiny particles dispersed in air that are less than two and a half microns in width. The i-PM 2.5 filter helps removing PM2.5 particles and providing clean & safe air for your family.


Product Information  
Series Duraedge
Model CACS24DE3R5
Air Conditioner Type Split
Split A/C Type Compact
Brand Carrier
Capacity & Ratings  
Tonnage 2 Ton
BEE Star Rating 3 Star
Max. Air Circulation 675 CFM
Display Type LED
Noise Level 47 dB
Performance Related  
Refrigerant R22
Auto Air Swing Yes
Physical Dimensions  
Colour White
Height Main Unit 33 cms
Depth Main Unit 22.5 cms
Weight Main Unit 15000 grams
Height Outdoor Unit 70 cms
Depth Outdoor Unit 32 cms
Weight Outdoor Unit 47000 grams
In The Box & Warranty  
Warranty 12 Months
Additional Features  
  • Air Direction Control
  • Economic Sleep Mode
  • Super Turbo Mode
  • Auto On/Off Timer
  • Auto Fan Speed
  • Temp Display On/Off
  • Security Lock
  • Article Information  
    Article No 581108051
    EAN 8907298034811